4 things I WIsh I had 10 years Ago

4 things I WIsh I had 10 years Ago

When I started Specimen Angling around 2005 technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, nor were items readily available in the country and we had to make do with what was available for us to use. Over the past 10 years the Specimen scene has changed significantly with advances in technology as well as the majority of International brands being readily available for all to use.

Looking back at this, there are a few items that I believe would have greatly benefitted me 15 years ago. In this article I would like to discuss 4 items that would have done exactly that.

1: Hooklink Materials

As insignificant as it might sound it is very difficult to understand what a big difference having a coated braid or Chod material makes unless you have had to fish without it. Even though some materials were available at the time, it was nearly impossible to source in a town that didn’t have any proper tackle shops in a time where online shopping didn’t exist. We used to buy mainline braid by the meter and used this to construct our rigs which was prone to tangle and had zero abrasion resistance which certainly put a constraint on our fishing. Today we have hooklink materials of all colours and stiffness that allows us to present in every possible situation. This has definitely been a game changer in my fishing.

2: Hooks

The correct hook for a specific presentation is one of the most important things for me. Not having the correct patterns can limit your bait presentations to a large extent. Once again in the early days of my fishing there wasn’t many patterns and options available to us. The biggest game changer for me was the Wide Gape Straight pattern, I have been using this pattern for the past four years and can say with honesty my hook-up to landing ratio has increased significantly. Another pattern that I recently started fishing the Curve Shank Short and so far I have only good things to say about this pattern. It basically gives me all the advantages of a curved pattern without the disadvantages that inherently comes with this pattern.

3: Spomb

Once again this is something that we are so used that is difficult to imagine a world without it. The technology around this has evolved so much that one can’t afford to not make use of it. Spomb has dedicated their research and development to develop tools for anglers to be able to get feed in exactly where it is needed. From the Spomb itself to rods and lines they have all bases covered. In the past we were unable to fish beyond 100m without the boat as we couldn’t get any feed in beyond these distances. Now, I can comfortably feed at 120m+ with the correct gear. My favourite items in their range are the Spod Station and the Shock Leaders that they recently launched. The Spomb rods are also built for the purpose and thus far I can’t fault a single thing. I honestly can’t imagine a world without it.

4: Fox Black Label Compact Pod

Even though, I can’t attribute an increase in my catch rate to this pod, I can say that it simplifies setting up and packing down drastically. This pod is tiny when packed up and is easy to transport
around. In addition to this it gives me the option of fishing a pod when needed or just putting the buzzbar on a bankstick, when fishing on soft banks, without me having to unscrew my alarms. I believe these small things make a big difference.

We live in a time where we are fortunate to have all the tools available for us to fish effectively regardless of the situation. Make use of these components that can greatly improve your fishing. Nothing catches more fish then being confident in your gear and knowing it was built for the application and purely to catch you more fish. Tight Lines!