Donnies – Big hit fishing


Donnies – Big hit fishing

Great session by Brandon Frazer and Anthony Frazer with some guests.

During this time of year most specimen angler chase those pre-spawn carps, this is exactly what Brandon and Anthony had done. With over 40 Carp landed for the session with the biggest being 43lb 9oz ,they did exactly that.

Landing 4 x 40 lb carp, 21 carp about 30 lbs with 10 being above 35 lbs it was a session for the books. We fished small 12mm pop ups on spinner rigs with some baits over the top and this was the perfect approach.

We opted for Size 6 Wide gape x hooks, I personally think they the sharpest hook out of the packet .I used Daiwa 10ft Cross cast rods paired with Emcast 25A reels, spooled with 30lb J braid. Perfect combination for those big carp.

With some rods being fished right against the reeds, we had to go and fetch some carp by means of using a boat. Once we landed the Carp, we would put the carp safety into the boat and go replace the rig to try get into a carp against as quick as possible.

By fishing so effectively we increased our run rate drastically ensuring more carp on the bank.