Dream session with 2 upper 40’s

Dream session with 2 upper 40’s

When it comes to specimen angling, every angler looks forward to reaching that 40lb milestone at some stage of their fishing journey. For me this was no exception…

After a long day at the office, I arrived at the lake and the sun had already set. I was a bit concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time to find some decent spots to fish on, especially with the wind that kept picking up, making it difficult to drop lines accurately with a canoe.

I decided to push as best as I could and get my lines out for the night, with the intention of finding new spots by morning. I found a nice gravel patch close to an island and it was quite a large area so I decided to drop 2 of my rods within a 2-metre distance from each other. By the time I got onto the canoe for my 3rd rod, the wind was just too strong to row out, so I opted to return and cast that line out instead.

With my lines in for the night, I had mixed feelings on where I had dropped and waited patiently for morning to come so that I could re-do my rods. At around midnight, my first rod ran off and I was so excited to land the first carp of the session. One of the smaller fish in the lake but a huge confidence booster for me. After about 40 min, my second rod started screaming off and at this point I was in total shock. As soon as this carp got closer to my net, I knew this was a special one. Definitely looked like a new PB, but I didn’t have the slightest clue on what it would weigh.

I then rowed my lines back out and dropped them exactly on the same spots, but this time super confident on where I was fishing. By first light, it was time to weigh those beauties and reveal the weight of my new PB. The little guy that was captured first weighed in at 26lbs. Pics were taken and it was safely released.

 I stood in total shock when my neighbours fishing on a swim next to me and my Peggie weighed the second beauty and confirmed that I had just landed a 48.3b common. I was in total shock and I could just not believe it. After taking a well-deserved bucket, it was time to look forward to the rest of the session. To be honest, at that point I was even prepared to pack up and go home because I had just caught a fish of a lifetime.

I was still soaking it all in and my phone was going off non stop with congratulations from friends and family, when my rod ripped off yet again. It was around 10am, and another 26lber graced by net. This felt like déjà vu and I remember thinking to myself…” Imagine if another 40lber comes after this one again” and before those thoughts went cold, my second rod went mental around 30min later. When this fish graced my net, I thought I was going to faint. This fish looked just as huge as the previous one and my Peggie was convinced that I had just landed another 40lber. We immediately got her onto the sling to weigh. Low and behold, another stunning common weighing in at 46.6lbs.

I was so overjoyed that I had caught not just one but 2 40lbers in a session. My 2021 season has already been a memorable one and I am so excited to finally join the 40’s club. Looking forward to more sessions with new adventures and new rewards.

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