Hunting urban gems

Hunting urban gems


Having heard so many rumors and myths of some really special fish from the venue we knew it held some really spectacular fish.

We’d fished it on two previous occasions where the first session ended in several lost fish and the second we had landed a 3 fish for the session with myself opening the score cards with a low double figure mirror. Jensen was next in line with the fish that stole the session,a fish we never imagined possible. A double figure ghost mirror, a truly spectacular looking fish and a new PB for him. James added a angry looking double figure common to close the weekend off.

The third session however went a whole lot differently.

With the weather looking not so promising and a front moving in we decided to try take the opportunity of some free time and head to the bank.

After a quick Thursday evening shopping experience at SNZ Tackle James and myself stocked up on some much needed gear, end tackle, baits and feed, we knew we were in for a cracker.

Getting there around midday on Friday we setup camp in our designated swim and sat down for a quick bite to eat.

Having our game plan set and ready we set out to place our traps for the first evenings fishing and it wasn’t very long before we knew we were onto the fish. With fish showing over each and every spot we sat around the fire having a good laugh and waiting in anticipation for the first run.

We weren’t disappointed with James opening the score cards in the early hours of the morning landing what was to be a new Personal best Mirror on two Stealth Baits pineapple tigers fished over a bed of Wemmer Specimen Camp Super R mix. This turned out to be the start of what became nothing short of chaos. After 7 runs we managed to land 5 fish having 3 double ups and running short of nets and slings we couldn’t get rods out fast enough.

It was very clear that the Korda Loops and Booms in wide gape size 4 paired with the Stealth pineapple tigers over the Wemmer super R mix was really doing the business.

During the utter madness I managed to land another Gem of a fish. Landing another Ghost mirror this time a mid double and a new PB ghostie for myself.

With many curveballs that we had to combat we have truly gained an appreciation for the local urban legend of a venue.

A place truly close to my heart and a venue we will definitely visit again.

Check out the video below :


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