Rob Burgess | Masterclass on winter location

Rob Burgess | Masterclass on winter location

When it comes to winter fishing, location is everything. If you get it right, the rewards can be devastating, with big hits well on the cards through the winter.

Locating carp in the winter is paramount to actually catching them in their static state

My first go-to when finding carp is speaking to locals and following the venue on social media. Any clues you can get to the carp’s whereabouts will be in your favour, so stay in touch with the lake and find out what’s going on.

The ever welcome site of a winter’s sunrise

I always try to arrive at the lake as early as I can, this gives me a full day of looking, putting me in the best chance of finding fish. The sun plays a massive part in my winter watercraft, so I’ll concentrate my time checking areas of the water which get penetrated by the sun. South facing features will receive the most sunlight so it’s always worth checking these areas first. The carp will be looking for warmth during the winter so ask yourself which areas are likely to warm up first?

Never neglect the deep areas of open water in the winter, often these zones are where the carp live in the colder months, grouping up in tight shoals and if you can find these areas, you’re onto a winner. One show or patch of fizz can give away the entire stock’s location so it’s vital you act on anything you seen.

Rob on the hunt!

Winter fishing is all about travelling light and staying mobile. Not only will this approach keep you warmer, it will allow you to cover more water, helping to find those fish quicker.