Roodekoppies wild water adventure !

Roodekoppies wild water adventure !

We arrived at the venue late Friday afternoon, and knew we had our work cut out for us,
Before unpacking we got out on the boat looking for areas to fish, we dropped two lines at 250+ m and applied a kg of particle to each. After setting up camp I decided to fish one rod my way my style soo I leaded out a few times and found a soild area at 24 wraps. I was happy because it’s a distance I can hit no matter the situation, I got the spod rod ready and it was time to work, I spend two hours spombing 10l of particle on the spot at that point I was broken. I told Sureshin to get his line on the spot, once I recovered I got one on the money and 5 hours later our efforts payed of Sureshin opened the account with a 6.5kg carp and the rest was history.

We landed 7 fish the first night, 5 of them being over the 10kg mark after 7am Saturday morning the fished moved out, So we sat down and worked out a game plan knowing what time they come in and what time they leave we decided to bait up our swim and rest it….. I took the boat and dropped 20kgs of particle on our 80m spot, spread in a line between me and Sureshin. 9am our rods where out of the water, with heavy winds making fishing very difficult we were happy with our decision, Sureshin then spoilt us with a very nice mutton curry and it was time to get some much needed rest!!!

9pm Saturday evening we got 4 rods on the baited spot and by 1am all hell broke loose landing 8 fish 6 of them being over 10kgs in just a few hours this was definitely a session to remember all the hard work payed off!

Well done  Sureshin Sashin Ramaya  breaking your PB 4 times on one session it really doesn’t get better than that and thank you for making our stay on the bank comfortable with enough food all the time.

Lorenzo Collopen

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